Thank you so much for a wonderful year! Your program exceeded are expectations and are daughter LOVES going to Lil Jumpin Frogs. She and we will miss the program but will always remember the experience and the difference you have made in are daughter life. We appreciate your dedication and hard work!

I cannot express enough, my gratitude for everything you have done as a preschool teacher for my child. You keep the children active and learning and striving to reach their goals. You set up your home to help give them a better setting and structure for preparing for school. You go above and beyond and it shows how much you care. Moving into kindergarten my daughter was more than prepared. She was prepared not only academically but also socially and had the confidence she needed to begin her year as a kindergartner. She has excelled in school. At her conference she received nothing but good reports from her teachers. Her memories at Lil Jumpin Frogs are memories that will stay with her whole life. She keeps in touch with some of her friends she made while there. You have made such a difference in her life and she talks about you and misses you and enjoys the times she gets to see you at school and at different activities. It's too bad that not every child can experience these memories that my child did while in your preschool. You are one-of-a-kind and I am so grateful that we were able to be a part of Lil Jumpin Frogs even though it was brief. Your dedication does not go unnoticed. Thank you for all that you do, you are truly amazing.


We could not have asked for a better experience with Lil’ Jumpin Frogs Preschool and Leah Kremer. Our daughter attended preschool at Lil’ Jumpin Frogs the year before she entered Kindergarten and we are happy to say we feel she is fully prepared to move on to Kindergarten. Our daughter enjoyed going to school every day and always came home excited about the enriching activities that she got to do at school. From the curriculum to the changing classroom themes to the outside the classroom activities our daughter had an excellent experience at Lil’ Jumpin Frogs. We as parents appreciated that our daughter was in an environment with children her own age rather than a daycare where an infant may get much of the attention while an independent 4 year old would not have as many planned activities. We consider this year to have been an amazing experience for our daughter which will help her tremendously when transitioning to Kindergarten. 
Kevin & Liz

Our daughter Kaylee has been attending Lil Jumpin Frogs Preschool for 2 years now and it has been amazing. She had attended just a home daycare in the past and once she started to attend Leah’s it was a night and day difference she was actually learning it was not just a free for all play time. She was still getting the play and socialization time but she was having fun learning as well and that made us feel great as a parents to pick her up and have her just be so excited to tell us what she did all day and tell us how she knew certain numbers and was so proud that she could show us shapes, colors and identify letters. One of the big things that we would say we like best about Kaylee being here is that it still feels very personal. Allot of school or center daycare/preschools seem to feel very corporate and cold. We really wanted to make sure she had the personal one on one time with her teachers and we definitely found that here. We would strongly recommend Lil Jumpin Frogs Preschool over other options. When my husband and I have our next we just hope that Leah will have a spot open for him or her.                                                                

Thank you for a wonderful experience,

Jackie and Steven

I Highly recommend Leah Kremer. My daughter attended Lil Jumpin Frogs Preschool for 3 years and in that time she learned so many great things. Leah was patient with my daughter and taught her many things. I enjoyed the structured activities that Leah programmed for the kids. There were rules that needed to be followed and my daughter learned how to take direction. When my daughter first started she would throw temper tantrums over just about everything but being in the classroom setting and following set scheduled days was very efficient and my daughter gradually became calmer to change. Leah gave us assessments of the children and what they were learning and what needed improvement which I really appreciated. I loved seeing all the new things my daughter would learn after just one day at “school”. My daughter learned all her ABC’s, how to write her name, spell her name, and also counting skills. She was always so proud and there was positive encouragement in Leah’s home. I highly recommend using Leah Kremer. She is a great teacher, a very nice person, and a fantastic mother. Also, Leah is Parent Aware and she was always letting us know about any programs that we could apply for that would help us out. Being Parent Aware took a lot of stress off of me financially and I very much appreciated it.